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Partnership Opportunity

Become a St Pierre's Partner with our
7 Steps to Partnership program


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The St Pierres Partnership Opportunity is a unique program in which the Store Manager is also a joint owner of their branch, sharing in its profit. It is the ultimate opportunity for associates through our 7 Steps to Partnership program.

What are the Benefits?

Partner with NZ's leading sushi brand to be rewarded directly for your hard work and performance results.

To enter into a Partnership Agreement with St Pierres, you only need $10,000.

Our Partners receive complete head-office support - the same as all of our company-owned stores. With great commercial relationships with ingredient suppliers from all around the world, St Pierres provides our branches with high quality stock nationwide.

You will be joining a team of 30+ successful Partners. A far less risky endeavor than starting your own business or purchasing a costly franchise agreement.

Other than sharing in your store's profits, Partners also receive a good salary and enjoy the perks of our Sales Bonus Plan and company-wide Profit Sharing program.

How do I become a Partner?

Partnership eligibility becomes available once a Manager has shown successful leadership and performance a company-owned store. Once a new Partnership opportunity arises, it is presented to eligible managers who are interested in that particular region.

If you are starting from scratch - we have our 7 Steps to Partnership program available to all employees to guide them through all career stages within St Pierres stores.


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