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Become a St Pierre's Partner with our 7 steps to Partnership program

Career Icons St Pierres .jpg
Career Icons St Pierres .jpg
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A 7 step development plan designed for people interested in becoming a St Pierre's Partner

A Manager who is a part owner in their own store, who runs it as an owner with the support of St Pierre's. 

We are a People first Partnership. Its the heart of what we do! 

Base Salary plus Share of the Profits means our average Partner earns over six figures pa! 

Bring your passion energy and commitment! 

18 months+, performance depending

We hope so! Find out more below!

partnership opportunity

what's the programme

what is the program?

A unique 7 step program to help you grow!

It is customized to develop our future leaders.

Both current and future staff are welcome to apply.

The Program is a focused pathway and 
It teaches you everything you need to know to operate your own St. Pierre's shop.

Yohanes, Rotorua Store Partner

what is a Store Partner?

Career Steps at St Pierres 5.jpg

Store Partners are the ultimate store managers!


Our Partners have an investment in their store and  earn greater financial rewards.

We have 30 Partners and counting

They come from many different countries

but are all passionate about food and people

what is a partner

why have Store Partners?

St. Pierre's is a people-first partnershipbetween staff and the company.

We make great food together!

So the concept of Partnership is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Store Partners take their commitment to their staff

and communities to the next level.

You own part of the store, so you can make the store work for you!

Xie, Queenstown Central
Store Partner

what are the benefits?


- a competitive salary

- a larger share of the profits of your shop

- extra mentoring and HQ support

- building a stable financial future for your family

Career Steps at St Pierres 5.jpg

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earn more!

Our Store Partners earn an average of six figures (2021)

what do I have to do?

what to do?
what to do 2

- work hard! bring your passion and energy!

- succeed as a St. Pierre's store manager,

  improving results and developing great staff

-qualify as a St Pierre's Partner candidate 

- when an opportunity arises you are ready to operate your own St Pierre's Partnership store

As one of NZ’s leading retail brands, 
The St. Pierre's Partnership Investment Program creates a fantastic opportunity to create a stable and sound financial future.


how long does it take?

how long?

- Crew Member  to Store Partner takes at least 18 months but most importantly, the time taken
  depends on your performance!

Career Icons St Pierres .jpg

→ move → up → fast! →

If you are interested in any further information about the
St. Pierre’s Partnership Program, please contact for details or to answer any of your questions.

am I the right person?

is it for me?

do you:

love food?

- want to learn and lead?

- have passion for customer service and hospitality?

- have great communication skills?

- want to commit to your shop?

- want to contribute to your community?

If yes, you could be a perfect St. Pierre's Store Partner!


we don't care where you are from. your attitude and energy matters most!

where do I find out more?

please get in touch!

through our Partnership Expression of Interest Form

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