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meet our partners

we have 21 partnership stores at st pierre's, and counting.
you can find our partners in auckland, wellington, christchurch, tauranga, hamilton, rotorua, queenstown, hawkes bay and new plymouth.
let us introduce to you to some of them


Introducing Yohanes, our St. Pierre’s Rotorua Partner.


“When I joined St. Pierre’s about six years ago, I discovered that my dream to manage and own a sushi store one day could come true.”


Yohanes joined St. Pierre’s in 2013, working in a number of our busiest stores.

“I started out in Symonds Street, and moved to other branches included St Lukes and Lynn Mall and eventually became the manager at Glen Innes. Through this experience, when I was finally offered a Partnership Opportunity, I was both excited and prepared to take on the challenge.”

Moving to Rotorua in 2017, Yohanes purchased a home to share with his wife and four children.

“St. Pierre’s has made a very big impact on my life. It has given me the opportunity to live in Rotorua and enjoy its marvellous lakes and scenery.”

While enjoying his new life, Yohanes is proud to say he that runs the best sushi store in town.

The Original St. Pierre’s Partner, Jack, from Te Rapa, Hamilton.

In his early thirties, married with a baby on the way, Jack was looking for a way to earn more income to support his growing family. He found a small business to purchase and turned to two of the

St. Pierre’s founders for advice.

“Luckily for me, at that time St. Pierre’s was looking for a different way to extend their business, and I proudly became the first partner. After living in Auckland for over ten years, my family and I moved to Hamilton. I really enjoy living here. It is more like what I was expecting of life in New Zealand.

And after more than ten years of being a St. Pierre’s Partner, I still think I made a great choice."

He attributes his success and lack of stress to multiple factors. A small investment for amazing brand recognition and a higher chance of success. Our stores and partners are supplied the best quality ingredients at good prices, and new product offers all the time.

“This is what makes the St. Pierre’s different to other small businesses”

“The most important thing is that after more than ten years of being a partner, the shop is very successful and all my family live a good and healthy life.”


jack & team



Meet Xie, our Queenstown Central Partner.

Xie is our latest St. Pierre’s Partner. After graduating her goal was to own a small retail store in Auckland, however, life had different plans for her.

“After graduating from University I worked at many places, from simple retail stores to five-star luxury retreats. When I started working at St. Pierre’s my dream was to own a small store in Auckland, and the St. Pierre’s Partnership Program helped my dream come true.”

This opportunity helped make Xie's dream come true, without the stress of opening her own independent store.

In 2018 Xie and her parents moved down to Queenstown in anticipation for her store’s opening.

“Queenstown is a small yet beautiful town compared to Auckland. It is so peaceful and the views are beautiful. The people are also really nice and friendly too. As a Partner, I now want to walk out from behind the counter. I want to know more about our customers, to see what they are like and what I can do to give them a better experience.”