st. pierre's

partnership development program

Have you ever dreamt of being truly rewarded for all your hard work?

Stable and generous returns on your investments?

Are you a motivated leader looking for the next step in your career?


If so, the St. Pierre’s Partnership Development Program may be for you.

Rotorua Partnership Store
As one of NZ’s leading retail brands,
St. Pierre's' partnership program creates a fantastic opportunity to create a stable and sound financial future.


customised to the growth of St. Pierre's associates - new and existing

The Partnership Development Program puts chosen individuals on a focused accelerated pathway to Partnership Opportunities. This program is designed to help you become a successful business partner (St. Pierre's Partner), and teach you all knowledge required to operate your own St. Pierre's Store.

Our Partnership is at the heart of everything we do, from the provision of the highest quality sushi and Bento meals, to healthy rewards for our Store Partners.

St. Pierre’s is looking for true leaders and customer-focused people to take part in the Partnership Development Program.

Full-time role only.


Stage 1.

As a selected individual (Partner Apprentices), you will train and work alongside a chosen mentor - an experienced St. Pierre's Manager or Existing St. Pierre's Partner - with the goal of becoming a successful St. Pierre's store manager, and thereafter, a St. Pierre's Partner.

You will successfully complete the Sushi Master Training Program, where you will learn practical and theoretical exercises and assessments, along with your on-the-job training and experience.

Stage 2.

After completion of your on-the-job training and classes, and meeting St. Pierre's standards, you will become a Manager of a selected St. Pierre's branch, leading your own team, as well as becoming a Mentor for a new Partner Apprentice.

Once you have mentored and guided your Partner Apprentice to success, you will be qualified for the opportunity of operating your own St. Pierre's Partnership store.


of the partnership development program

focused assistance from mentor

and career development team

partnership opportunity

paid education and training

profit sharing

bonus plan

amazing work experience


Minimum 1.5 years.​

Duration of an individual's Partnership Development Program will also be influenced by effort, their focus and attitude.


are you a suitable candidate for the st. pierre's partnership development program?

appropriate candidates should have

an interest in hospitality

an interest in business

an interest in customer service

motivation and eagerness to learn

good communication skills

warm and outgoing attitude


does this sound like you?

If you are interested in any further information about the
St. Pierre’s Partnership Program, please contact for details or to answer any of your questions.