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About Us

  • What kind of company is St. Pierre's?
    We are NZ's favourite Japanese food chain. We are a family owned business, now with 75 stores and 1,200 wonderful team members! Our stores are not a franchise, so please don't apply for a franchise! We are a Partnership where some of our Managers own a share of their store through our unique Partnership System (see here for more information). In addition, all eligible staff throughout St Pierre's share in the profit of our Company through our very special Profit Sharing system which has been in place for over 25 years! This is unique to us - no other comparable retailer has such a plan! Our food combines the best authentic Japanese ingredients with fresh NZ produce to create a flavour and value that New Zealanders have loved for over 40 years. Most importantly, we believe in improving the nutrition of all New Zealanders through providing healthy food - join us and find out why!
  • Why does a Japanese food company in NZ have a French name?
    St. Pierre's started in 1984 as a seafood boutique. "St. Pierre" is the patron saint of fishermen, and the French name for the John Dory, a popular fish in NZ. Our customers love and recognise the name, so we kept it even after we began making sushi in 1992 and business took off!
  • What are St. Pierre's values and what do they mean in everyday work?
    Part of the St. Pierre's Way is our Core Values. They are: We are here to serve, everyone is important, doing the right thing grows trust, and today is better than yesterday. This means that our shops have a strong customer focus, we look after our fellow team members, we strive to do the best we can for our customers and each other, and we always try to get a little better every day. Do these values resonate with you? Join us and find out more!
  • Do I need experience to work at St. Pierre's?
    Experience as a chef helps but is not necessary. What you really need is just a passion for food and a positive attitude! We provide all the training you need to get started and grow with the company.
  • What hours can I work?
    We're looking for people who can work full time or part time. Our opening hours and so our working hours are geared to suit the communities we serve, but we typically have a morning shift and afternoon shift. But we also have some people who just come in a few hours a day. Every shop is different. If you're keen to get involved, get in touch and let's talk!
  • What opportunities are there at St. Pierre's?
    Our 7 Steps to Partnership provides many opportunities for shop staff to move up to Trainer or Manager positions. You could be ready for promotion before you realise it! Many of our head office staff also begin in shops. Some worked while at university, moving to head office after finishing their degree in a related field like marketing or design. Some, like area manager Johnny, started out part time in store, applied their talents, and got promotion after promotion! Or if family or study takes you to another part of NZ, remember - we have 75 shops around the country, and more coming! We do our best to help our amazing staff transfer within NZ, whatever your role! We have so many opportunities - if you have a positive attitude, we have room for you to grow!
  • What benefits does St. Pierre's offer on top of wages?
    Plenty! For starters, no one works hungry at St. Pierre's! And we recognise performance through our bonus scheme, profit sharing and awards parties. Find out more here!
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