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Our Food

Food brings people together. Which cuisine inspires you to join us?


NZ's favourite sushi!

Genuine ingredients,

prepared with love.

Hot, authentic Japanese meals.

Made from scratch
to satisfy the soul

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A premium sushi train experience. Takes Japanese food to the next level.


Where our story began!
Our original fresh seafood shop, still going strong!


75 locations and counting around NZ!

The best and freshest ingredients from Japan and NZ,

made with authentic Japanese techniques.

A delight for the eyes and the mouth!

Roll sushi, chicken on rice, nigiri,

or our famous Sushi of the Day,
every piece is made with tender care.


We're proud to make sushi just how each customer likes,
with extra fillings, spicy toppings, or vegetarian/vegan.

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Sushi isn't the only amazing Japanese food!
The domburi - fresh protein and veges served on rice - is an iconic staple throughout Japan.

Hot, nourishing meals, ready in a flash. Bento Bowl has 30 locations and counting around NZ.

If you love soul food, join our team and nourish your community!

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K10 is next-level Japanese cuisine

The team at St. Pierre’s had long wanted to bring a premium sushi train to New Zealand, and 2019 saw that dream come true. Master chefs, many trained in Japan, take the best ingredients NZ and Japan have to offer and create delicate, artful dishes, which travel fresh to you
on the sushi train.

Enjoy the dynamic movement of the train up close from a classic bar counter seat or a booth, which creates an intimate culinary journey for up to six family and friends.​

We offer two distinctive locations:In Newmarket, K10 creates a relaxed oasis in the bustling mall Eatery. In Ponsonby, K10 defines its own unique space, with an oversize, abstract train wall motif evoking the dynamism of the sushi train below. At both, you are welcome to watch the master chefs at work, taking in the culinary artistry unfolding before you.​


​St. Pierre's began in 1984 with our fresh seafood boutique.


NZ has changed so much, but our two seafood shops
are still dedicated to bringing Kiwis the freshest delicacies around!

​​​​Our seafood staff take pride in their knowledge and skill. Join us and share your passion for kai moana! 


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